Back at it!

Hoo boy! It’s been a while.

When I started this blog I had grape expectations! (Yeah, I just did that.) Seriously though, I had it all thought out. I’d outlined out my schedule of posts, had my research all planned, thought about promotion…

And then life derailed me.

My last post was (gasp!) over a year ago. Shortly after it went live, I got a new job – which I still have and love. It just took more of my time and attention at the outset. Then COVID-19 hit. Ugh! That has thrown us all for a loop. I’m surprised any of us are still writing. Or reading. Or wearing pants.

So as my life has started to stabilize, I’ve been able to think about this blog again. So I’m back! (And yes, I’m wearing pants.) And here’s what I’m planning:


That’s right. No plans. But my intent is to continue to answer your questions about wine. Without plans, however, I’m not keeping myself to a set schedule (and then getting down on myself when I don’t meet deadlines) or to a set format. So while Q&A will still be my main priority, I’ll also be throwing in some posts about wineries I’ve visited, what I’m currently drinking, what I wish my friends would stop drinking (you know who you are), and other random wine news.

So stay tuned. More is on the way. (In fact, I’m just about done drafting a post all about storing your wine at home.)

In the meantime, here’s a tip for New Year’s Eve if you’re planning on popping more than one bottle of bubbly. (But this year please remember to keep gatherings small, and preferably with only the people in your household or with those who have been self-quarantining.)

Open the best champagne first! Have it early in the evening while you’ll enjoy it. By the time midnight rolls around and everyone has had a few drinks, no one will appreciate the quality of a good champagne. Save the inexpensive stuff for that midnight toast.

What am I having for New Year’s Eve? I plan to open a Ruinart Blanc de Blancs with a couple close friends. Other bubbles may follow!